Episode 8 – New Year’s Resolutions and Mint.com

The secret to a good New Year’s Resolution is to start slow.  Find out how to determine where you are.  This will be the first of a series of tips to figure out where to start in your finances.

And last, but not least, a follow up on our last Episode about the “fiscal cliff”

Episode 7 – How The Fiscal Cliff Affects Consumers & Time Issues In Foreclosure

This week we talk about how the “Fiscal Cliff” will affect consumers.  Forget about taxes, forget about deductions, think about unemployment checks.  And then we have a short discussion on the time it takes to foreclose and the burden that has on homeowners who are losing their homes.  Next episode after the beginning of the new year.  See you then!

Episode 6 – Payoff.com And More Or Less Debt?

This week Jay explains a new service called Payoff.com to Gene who doesn’t get it.  From there we talk about budgeting and paying down debt.  We highlight Starbucks profit margin on their high-end coffee.  Finally, we discuss proposed criminal penalties for overcharging military personnel on payday loans.



Episode 5 – Get Out Of Debt

This week we talk about Fannie Mae’s recent offer to rent your house back to you in a foreclsoure and the psychology of being in debt and how to get out of debt.  Our guest panelist is Steve Rhode, the Get Out of Debt Guy.  Steve has a no-nonsense view of debt settlement and bankruptcy that looks to the best solution for the consumer and is not afraid to recommend bankruptcy if the solution fits.



Episode 4 – Twinkies and Relaxation

This week we talk about the hot issue of today – Twinkies!  And with the financial stress that comes with the holidays, we talk about things you can do to relieve that stress.



Episode 3 – Understanding Why And How We Spend (Or Save) Our Money

This week’s episode features a free range discussion with Leslie Linfield of the Institute of Financial Literacy.  The topics run the ebb and flow of spending and savings habits, the effects on the national economy and personal relationships, retirement planning and the     Here’s what we talked about:

Episode 2 – The Effects of Hurricane Sandy on Credit and Objecting to Claims in Chapter 13

This week’s episode is somewhat shorter due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy and the NACBA Fall Workshop in Amelia Island, Florida – not necessarily in that order.  Here’s what we talked about:

Episode 1 – CFPB & Credit Bureaus, Electronic Wallets, Filing Bankruptcy, & Debt Settlement

This weks panelist with Jay and Gene was Josh Cohen, of the Student Loan Lawyer.  Topics we covered:


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