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How Long Until Your Student Loans Disappear From Your Credit Report?

Student loans are unlike most other kinds of debts in terms of collection, but how about credit reporting? Jay and Gene clear up the misconceptions about this once and for all.

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Changing The Plan Payment In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


If you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case and your income changes, what happens to your Plan payment?

Can you lower the payment if you lose your job?

And if you get a huge bump in income, can the court take it?

Gene and Jay talk about this very issue in today’s episode.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Maybe Gene’s got his settings wrong. Maybe not.

For all those doo-dads, whatnots and techie things out there … sometimes the technology just doesn’t work as well as we’d hope.

Even when it does, sometimes Jay just can’t read. And Gene’s got it all backwards.

Oh, and we talk about color blindness …

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How Strict Your Budget Needs To Be In Order To Work

If you want to keep within your budget, you need to pay attention.

But just how strict you need to be with things is a question that hamstrings a lot of us.

After all, what’s a few dollars here and there?

Don’t make the mistake of being too lenient – or of being too tough on yourself. After all, you’ve got to have some fun once in awhile.

On today’s show we show you how to loosen up without being too loose with your budget.

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Getting An Old Employer Removed From Your Credit Report

Credit reports are designed to provide accurate and relevant information. That includes information received from public sources as well as from entities that furnish information to the credit reporting agency.

Your old jobs may show up on your credit report – but can you get it removed?

That’s what we’re talking about today on the show.


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Sue A Debt Collector For Harassing You

The debt collector is harassing you … can you sue?

Sure, but you can also sue a fire hydrant.

The real question is whether you’ve got a legal basis for suing a debt collector for harassing you.

Today we talk about harassment – what it means, and how to enforce your rights.

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How To Pay For College Without Student Loans

Is the only solution to paying for college without student loans … to NOT go to college? NO way!

Today we’re talking about making money, saving money, and getting an education without borrowing money.

College isn’t for everyone, but it’s all about a return on investment and making the right long-term economic decision.

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Filing For Bankruptcy When You’re Outside Of The Country

Trying to file for bankruptcy from outside the United States is no easy task, with legal requirements that may appear confusing. In today’s episode, Gene and Jay talk through the steps you need to consider if you’re looking to get out of debt from another country.

Links of interest:

  • Section 109 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code (talks about who is eligible to file for bankruptcy in the United States)
  • Title 28, Section 1408 (Talks about where in the United States your case can be filed)
  • John Hilla, a bankruptcy lawyer in Michigan, discusses the subject of filing for bankruptcy if you live overseas in this article.
  • Nolo, the self-help site, talks about where your bankruptcy case can be filed in this article.
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When Don Pardo Did Our Intro

Jay convinced Gene that the show shouldn’t include an outtakes reel. Then Gene did an outtakes reel. This week you can hear the cohosts try to knock off the rust … and Jay does the worst Don Pardo imitation of all time.

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The Best Way To Pay Off Debt While Saving Money

You’re in debt, but you want to save money as you pay down the balance.

Making more money is a good idea, but that’s not usually realistic (if you could make more money, you’d probably be doing that already).

Here are some solid ideas and ways to get back into the black while also building up your bank balance.